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Solar street lamp avenues 4000 LUMEN Shop Online

Solar street lamp avenues 4000 LUMEN

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Solar street lamp avenues 4000 LUMEN
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Professional solar energy street light was designed to give you long-lasting and powerful lighting on streets, driveways and car parks. With its 45 Watt solar panel, installed within the body of the light, the internal batteries will always be fully charged. Its internal 22.2V lithium battery allows the light to stay on for at least 5 consecutive days, even in the absence of solar radiation.

This solar energy street light is ideal for public lighting and can be used in public gardens, streets and alleys, squares, parks and car parks. It can be easily installed on a pole, or directly on the wall, thanks to the bracket supplied and needs no electrical connections, being the wiring already present within the light itself. The luminous flux delivered is equal to 4000 lumens and can illuminate an area of about 120 square metres.

Technical features:

- Material: aluminium and glass
- Photovoltaic Panel: 30V, 45W
- Lithium Battery: 346.32Wh, 22.2V
- LED Luminous Flux: 4000 lumens, light angle 120°
- Installation height: 5-8 metres
- Positioning distance between 2 streetlights: 15-24 metres
- Suitable for 8-10m large streets
- Impermeability Class: IP65
- Size: 1933 x 420.5 x 224.5 mm
- Supporting outdoor temperatures ranging from -25 °C to 65 °C

How it works:

1. The light is off during the day, when the battery is charging.
2. The light turns on gradually at dusk at a medium intensity and stays on until the morning (when fully charged)
3. It turns on at maximum intensity if it detects a presence within 8.5 metres and stays on at maximum intensity until it continues to detect it
4. If it does not detect any presence, after 30 seconds it gets back to medium intensity

The light can be installed on a pole via the supplied bracket (pole not included) or directly on the wall always using the supplied support.

1. How to unlock the street light: the internal battery is locked for safety reasons when shipped, therefore customers the must use the key provided and click on "on/off" inside the hole to unlock the battery and turn on the system.
2. How to install the street light: install the product in a place not covered by shade and possibly with the solar panel facing south for better radiation.

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