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Intex 28670 chlorinator 12g/h universal chlorine generator for above-ground pools

Intex 28670 chlorinator, 12g/h universal chlorine generator for above-ground pools

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Intex 28670 chlorinator, 12g/h universal chlorine generator for above-ground pools
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Our Intex chlorinator, also called pool saltwater system, is an innovative and ecological pool steriliser. The water will be clean and fresh, without using large amounts of chlorine, as it happens with traditional systems. Krystal Clear Saltwater System, indeed, offers an innovative two-phase technology to sterilise pool water.

FIRTS PHASE: an imperceptible amount of non-harmful chlorine is produced when adding natural salt (not harmful to the environment) to the water of the pool which passes through a titanium electrolytic cell during the filtration process. This way the water will be soft, fresh and clean, but not heavy, as it happens when using chemicals for swimming pools.

SECOND PHASE: through to the E.C.O. process (electro-catalytic oxidation), water molecules are broken down into very powerful oxidants capable of destroying contaminating organisms, such as bacteria and algae. The combination of these oxidants and natural chlorine is the secret of this effective and safe steriliser.

Only INTEX SALTWATER SYSTEMS feature a second phase which is really important. In fact, the E.C.O. process can reduce the presence of chlorine by 60%.

This means that not only consumers will benefit from the use of a chlorine generator, but also their swimming pool.

Technical features:

- Suitable for pools with a maximum amount of water of 56.800L
- It requires a filter pump with a flow ranging from 2,650 l/h to 11,355 l/h
- Amount of chlorine released 12 g/h
- 24h cycle automatic timer

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