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SOLAR STREET LAMP - 24 SUPER LED - garden, outdoor

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SOLAR STREET LAMP - 24 SUPER LED - garden, outdoor
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Working with our latest generation photovoltaic solar panel! Innovative product.
This 24- super LED solar street lamps is designed for a powerful and long-lasting illumination.
With the 7-watt solar panel installed within the body of the lamp, you will always have the optimum charging of the internal batteries.
The 48.84 WH internal lithium battery allows the lighting of the streetlights for at least 5 consecutive days in the absence of solar radiation.
It can be easily installed on a pole, or mounted on a wall, thank to the special bracket supplied and it does not need wiring, since the necessary wiring is already inside the lamp.
Its luminous flux is 500 Lumens, then as an incandescent lamp of 110 watts and it allows the illumination of an area of approximately 90sqm.

How it works:
- The light is off during the day when the battery is charging. 

- The light gradually turns on at dusk (when the evening light reaches a parameter <10lux) 

- The light turns on automatically 

- The light operates continuously for 5 hours
- After 5 hours, the lamp works for 3 more hours at reduced brightness (90% of its maximum intensity)

- It lights up again at maximum intensity if it detects a presence within 4-5 meters and as long as it continues to detect it
- The light turns off after 8 hours in total, after which only the motion sensor will work. When a person approaches two meters from the lamp it turns on and it will turn off when it no longer detects any presence.

On the pole with the supplied bracket (pole not included) or directly on the wall, again via the supplied bracket.

Garden lighting
Street Lighting
Lighting squares
Lighting of public parks
Lighting of parking spaces

Main features: 

- Stylish and functional design with aluminium body 

- Dimensions 470x227x164 mm 

- Material: Aluminium and glass 

- 24 high brightness LEDs, 500 lumens brightness 
equivalent to 80 W of a normal lamp 

- 7W solar panel and replaceable battery 

- Day/night and motion sensors

- Brightness Angle 120° 

- Over 30 hours of light, up to 6 nights of light! 

- Easy to install
- 7W polycrystalline Solar Panel

- Lithium: 48.84 Wh can be easily replaced when depleted. 

- LED Brightness 500 Lumens, coloUr 2700K
- 6500K

- Intelligent Energy Saver Mode: 
Automatic shut-off when charging During the day 
Possibility to activate the motion sensor

- Duration of light: 30 hours 
- Installation height 3-4 meters

- Degree of protection IP68 to weather 

- Operating temperature: -25 °C to 65 °C 

- Please note that the pole is not included in the price

- The diameter of the pole needed to secure the lamp is 60mm

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