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About Us Garden Furniture Online Sale
× - About us is an italian ecommerce website leader in the field of outdoor furniture and home supplies.

Our name means “producer of ideas”, and the spirit that unites us brings to be careful to research, new technology, quality and care for customers’ needs. With a particular attention to design, we always strive to guarantee a total control for each of our product, which are characterized for style, innovation, functionality and safety.

For this reason, we are proud of the international success carried by our patented accessories and furnitures. For sale at competitive prices, each product is carefully designed, and always checked before being dispatched. Fast and safe delivery, guaranteed.




There are no brokers, therefore we can guarantee truly low prices. If you look around on the internet, everyone's prices are higher than ours, obviously... Many of them buy from us!

In addition, thanks to our experience, we have products of the highest quality, checked during the production phase and especially before shipment.
For the less experienced: on the web you will find sun loungers, deckchairs, beach chairs, beach umbrellas that in the images look similar to ours. Do not be confused because our products are crafted in every detail to provide a longer lifetime. You must only trust in professionals, and that is what we are.

On the website you will also find our patented ideas, which we distribute exclusively.
We are of course available for tailor-made quotes, in the case of major purchases.
For hotels, for private and public swimming pools etc. you can send us a request on and we will respond promptly. We supply bazaars and shops with no minimum order.



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