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Choose one of our modern polycarbonate and polypropylene chairs. Grand Soleil chairs are stackable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, available in different colours and shapes and also ideal for a professional use. You can choose classic colours, such as white and black, or a bright colour, such as red or acid green, or maybe you prefer transparent chairs and their elegant design. Choose your model among those available, such as Paris and Gruvyer chairs, made of polypropylene, B-Side, Femme Fatale and Cristal Light chairs made of transparent polycarbonate. Each model is designed for a specific environment: Paris chairs are ideal for kitchens chairs and living rooms, while other models are perfect for offices, conference rooms, bars, dining rooms and restaurants.

Each chair can be purchased individually and in multiple sets. Our offers are ideal for those who want to decorate their bars/clubs/restaurants without spending too much but also for those who are looking for sturdy, fireproof and durable chairs. Grand Soleil chairs are suitable both for indoor and outdoor use and are definitely less expensive than Kartell chairs, while offering the same quality and an original Italian design at a very affordable price!

We offer you a selection of tables and chairs, ideal to decorate bars, hotels, restaurants and clubs, both inside and outside. These high-quality products are Made in Italy, robust, stackable and also suitable for professional use.  Our tables are made with quality materials also suitable for outdoor use, such as glass, polypropylene and Polyrattan, which make them strong and durable over time. Our new Grand Soleil polypropylene and polycarbonate chairs are very elegant and robust and are sold at a very affordable price! 

These elegant sets are ideal for bars and public facilities, but you can also use them to decorate a dining room, a living room or a kitchen. There are many models and colours available, you just have to choose yours. These chairs are a sold at a ridiculous price, what are you waiting for? Choose your model!


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