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Intex inflatable

We have a full range of Intex airbeds, mattresses, inflatable sofas, dinghies and canoes available. All our Intex inflatable mattresses ensure a high level of comfort. They can be used as air beds or as mattresses for guests and they can be easily stored, since they occupy very little space. Our Intex mattresses and chairs can be used both indoors and outdoors, they are affordable, and above all comfortable and high quality. Our Intex line boasts materials of the highest quality which last over time. We are Intex official dealers, we buy products directly without any intermediate step, that's why ours are the most affordable prices on the Internet.

Intex inflatable mattresses and airbeds: this category includes a wide range of Intex high-quality products at very reasonable prices and, what is more important, we guarantee a rapid delivery even in case of emergency. Our line of Intex airbeds and mattresses that we provide as official distributors for the Italian market, definitely ensures the best value for money. Many customers buy inflatable sofas, chairs, mattresses and cushions to furnish their home, both indoors and outdoors.

These products are the ideal solution for unexpected guests, or whenever you need an extra bed, both for your home and for camping or your holidays in general. These high quality products can be easily inflated and deflated and, above all, they provide maximum comfort, especially when compared to those of our competitors (see Bestway, whose prices are slightly lower but the quality is much poorer). Thanks to the structure of Intex cells and their quality materials, these are really longer-lasting products.

Here you can find Intex inflatable boats, rafts, canoes and kayaks at the lowest prices on the Internet. Intex products can also be used on a regular basis. Intex inflatable dinghies are manufactured with high quality materials with a strong impact resistance. Rafts and inflatable canoes are already equipped with oars and, once inflated, the product are ready for use. Our superior quality products can not be compared to those of our competitors. With our inflatable kayak you can explore areas otherwise impossible by road, and this is especially true for those seaside towns where having one of these products allows you to admire the beauty of nature.

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